Spring Blizzard


More snow.

This has been a very long winter. We’ve been hit by another spring storm, only this time it’s an actual blizzard.

It’s increasingly difficult to find the beauty in a spring snowfall, but for a short moment I can appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a rolling sea of white whipping around my house.

That, and it has meant another two days at home with my children.


Snow Day


Even as a grown-up, I love a snow day. It is an excuse to stay in my pyjamas longer, linger over my coffee, and do nothing even remotely productive for an entire day.

Now, if only the kids hadn’t chosen today to be early birds…



We were out of town yesterday, purchasing a new vehicle.

When we left to return home, it was raining. In a split second, not halfway home, ice pellets were flying at us seemingly from all directions. Minutes later, the ice pellets turned to snow, erasing the road in front of us.

There was nowhere to pull over, no way to turn around. So we inched ahead, holding our breath each time a tractor trailer blew by.

It was twenty minutes that felt like twenty hours.

And such a relief to arrive home.