Winged Inspiration

I’d been meaning to try some bird photography for quite some time.  Yesterday, I finally dug out my zoom lens, set up my tripod, and filled the feeder.

I was hooked!

Nearly four hours later, I only stopped because the light was fading and it was time to settle in for the evening.  I was able to capture a number of shots; here is one (more can be found on my site):


Robin Babies

My mother called to tell me to bring my camera; she could see the robin chicks.

I pulled up a chair so I could get a better view, and there they were: these tiny heads peeking out above the nest.


Patiently, I waited with my camera for feeding time. After about 5 minutes, the father arrived, his beak filled with their snack.



I put my camera away for a minute, then changed my mind and headed back out for one more shot. I was rewarded with one quick picture of the mother bird having stopped by before she flew off.


Wind and Wings


While staining my back deck, I listen.

I listen to the rushing river sound of the wind in the trees. I listen to the flutter of wings flapping overhead. I listen to the buzzing of the hornets when they get too close.

The knocking of the woodpecker is near. And then she is at the bird house only steps away, feeding her young. I pause and watch, thrilled to be able to see one so close.

This is one moment I don’t capture with my camera, a moment I would miss if I did.