Robin Babies

My mother called to tell me to bring my camera; she could see the robin chicks.

I pulled up a chair so I could get a better view, and there they were: these tiny heads peeking out above the nest.


Patiently, I waited with my camera for feeding time. After about 5 minutes, the father arrived, his beak filled with their snack.



I put my camera away for a minute, then changed my mind and headed back out for one more shot. I was rewarded with one quick picture of the mother bird having stopped by before she flew off.



Robin’s Nest

A robin has made its home above my mother’s front porch.

Although the babies are not yet visible from our vantage point, we know they are there: It is feeding time.


And this fragile shell that fell from the nest, saved by my daughter and added to her treasures.