Mindfulness Challenge Week 13: Beauty


Beauty, Unexpected

Fresh flowers are beautiful, without question.

There is a certain allure that comes with age as well.  Forgotten flowers, with their papery petals and crinkled edges, are no less beautiful.  Faded hues turn sepia and thin  veins become more evident.  Their layers are compressed, holding on to the last drops of moisture, the last moments of life.

Time is a fragile beauty.


Lace-like Leaf

This dried and brittle leaf lay on my deck near where I hang out clothes.  I noticed how it had turned sort of lacey in the loss of its green flesh.  It is like a little leaf skeleton, and I find it to be quite beautiful.

Of course I had to photograph it.

leaf1 leaf2

Accidental Art

accidental art

I had just finished painting my daughter’s room a pretty, intense pink that she had chosen.

I stood for a moment, admiring the colour and feeling the satisfaction of a job completed. Then, it was time to clean up. As I reached down to pick up the paint can, I noticed this exquisite pattern on the inside of the lid, created by the mix of pigments.

Who knew that the prettiest paint would be the one that required no effort, that happened all on its own?

Slowing Down


It’s easy to appreciate all the pretty stuff…  Gardens, sunsets, or ocean views. 

More of a challenge, though, is to notice the way the sun catches the light in my daughter’s hair or the sheets snapping on the clothesline on a windy day.  It requires slowing down and paying attention not just to what is happening around me, but to those tiny details that make life beautiful.  My camera helps me to do this, sometimes, but I also try to look for them even when not making pictures.

I am a firm believer that there can be beauty even in a seemingly uninteresting scene. 

In this blog, I will explore moments like these.  Posts are intended to be brief, so you can experience them in a minute or two and maybe share some of those small details that you’ve noticed, as well.