This is What Christmas Feels Like


Christmas is about the anticipation, the preparation.  It’s about all things glittery and bright, lights shimmering in the night.  It is small hands hanging treasures on the tree, a chorus of words we sing from memory.  Christmas is savory and sweet, sparkling drinks and crackling heat.  It music and memories, laughter and stories.  Christmas is about hugs and kisses, sweet surprises, celebration and imagination.


Full Circle


In a strange sort of coincidence, I came across an old article about Florida as we plan a trip for our own children.

The other day my father dropped off a binder he found that I had had as a child. Flipping through, I came across this Disney planning page that I must have kept (I always did like planning!) as we prepared to go there when I was 11. I had not seen this binder in at least 20 years.

Now, it is a reminder of the anticipation I felt at the time, and which my children are feeling now.

My Sister’s Dream


Sometimes what makes me happy is not about me.

My sister has been waiting her whole life to have horses. For several years Jake was boarded at a local barn, and my sister travelled almost 30 minutes to ride him. This summer, though, she and her husband found a new house with room for horses. She purchased a second horse, Slick, cleared the land for a barn, and built a fence.

While I was painting the doors on our house yesterday, I heard a horn and a shout, and looked up to see two horses in a trailer on the way down the road.

Now, her horses are home, and she can see her dream in her own backyard.