Photogenic Kitten


My sister’s kitten appears to enjoy having her photo taken. She posed quite well a number of times for me.




Nibbles, my daughter’s friendly little guinea pig, has died.

Her heart is broken.

This is the first real loss she has experienced, and so the trauma is real.

The sweetest moment was when her brother, in an attempt to help her feel better, offered to give her his guinea pig.

My heart was proud.

My Sister’s Dream


Sometimes what makes me happy is not about me.

My sister has been waiting her whole life to have horses. For several years Jake was boarded at a local barn, and my sister travelled almost 30 minutes to ride him. This summer, though, she and her husband found a new house with room for horses. She purchased a second horse, Slick, cleared the land for a barn, and built a fence.

While I was painting the doors on our house yesterday, I heard a horn and a shout, and looked up to see two horses in a trailer on the way down the road.

Now, her horses are home, and she can see her dream in her own backyard.