Mindfulness Challenge Week 13: Beauty


Beauty, Unexpected

Fresh flowers are beautiful, without question.

There is a certain allure that comes with age as well.  Forgotten flowers, with their papery petals and crinkled edges, are no less beautiful.  Faded hues turn sepia and thin  veins become more evident.  Their layers are compressed, holding on to the last drops of moisture, the last moments of life.

Time is a fragile beauty.


Nature’s Art


I bought this tea cup-shaped planter at a garden centre.   Theoretically, it was meant to be used outside.

But the coating soon started to flake.

I nearly threw it out once or twice, annoyed that I had paid money for something that didn’t last even one summer.

Instead, I took a closer look at it and decided I liked the cracked and peeling-away colour, the creeping up of the earth into the clay.  It is actually more beautiful now than when I first brought it home, thanks to nature’s artistic rendering.