One Thing Leads to Another

I have a small collection of vintage cameras, one of which is this art deco Kodak Bantam Special:

bantam special w

I started off photographing it as is, admiring its cool retro style.

Then I decided to open it up – I wasn’t sure if I ever had – and see what I could capture of the lens and its inner workings.

bantam special lens w

Once I opened the film door, I realized I could see directly through the lens.  I experimented with a few different items, until I tried one of the dried roses I haven’t yet been able to bring myself to throw away.  This led to these two sort of surreal photos:

Through a Vintage Lens w

Rose Noir w

Often, when I set out to photography one thing, I end up photographing another.  This, among so many other reasons, is what I love about photography:  the infinite possibilities of what can be found through the lens (or lenses!) of a camera.



Mindfulness Challenge Week 11: Balance


Balancing Act

My daughter wanted to do a photo shoot with her American Girl Doll, Rosie.  In one of the shots, the doll is literally balanced on a bicycle.

Life and parenting are a lot about balance:  Time spent between work and family, between taking care of the house and taking care of the children, and between busy schedules and time for relaxation.

Making this photo was about balance, too:  Stealing a few creative shots while also setting up fashion shots for the doll.  I got to take pictures and spend time with my daughter; my daughter got to play dress-up and share this with me.



As I mentioned yesterday, I am a firm believer that art can be found in the most unusual places.

My daughter used her own money to buy a makeup kit, and she’s been carrying it around the house for a few days now.  (She’s only allowed to wear it when we aren’t going anywhere.)  When she opened it in the light of the dining room, I noticed how pretty the palette of shadows was.

When I began photographing it, I kept a good part of the makeup sharp.  But as I played around with the focus, I decided I liked how it looked better when I deliberately blurred the palette:  Makeup kit becomes abstract art.


Playing with Light


While looking for flashlights (in case of a power outage during yet another spring blizzard), I came across some items I had used in photography lessons about light.

Along with a variety of small flashlights, I found some forgotten dollar store candle holders and glass vases.

So I started playing with the reflections by moving things around, and grabbed my camera for a few shots. A slight movement of light made dramatic changes, and I managed a few abstract compositions before gathering the flashlights for the night.

This one is my favourite.