Settled Once Again

pink flower for blog

After a hectic move from New Brunswick to Ontario, we are finally unpacked.

For two months, it seemed like all I did was make phone calls and deal with endless boxes of stuff.  (It is incredible how much stuff we accumulate.)

At last, I can enjoy the home we bought and the beautiful garden that came with it.  And once again I have time to explore with my camera, not only in my new yard, but in my new city as well.

It also means that I finally have time for writing here again.  Thanks for waiting.

New Site Excitement!

Since this is a good news blog, it only seems fitting to share my new photography site with you today…

I’ve been using Etsy for a number of years but it is time for a change (although my Etsy shop will also remain open for a little longer, with items on half-price:  Dawn Blanchard on Etsy).  Although Etsy has been great to me, this site allows you to purchase a number of options all in one spot.  It’s also got gorgeous gallery and slide show settings, and the ability to choose digital downloads.

In celebration of my new site, I’ll be hosting a contest very soon.  If you’d like to take part, or simply keep posted on new photos and other photography-related information, please follow here:

Dawn Blanchard Photography on Facebook

And please, please check out my site.  🙂  I hope you will be as happy with it as I am!


Here are some screenshots of the different galleries (click and you’ll be brought directly to the gallery page):

     Screenshot_2015-05-12-10-07-40 Screenshot_2015-05-12-10-07-21 Screenshot_2015-05-12-10-06-57 Screenshot_2015-05-12-10-06-33 Screenshot_2015-05-12-10-06-11 Screenshot_2015-05-12-10-05-36 Screenshot_2015-05-12-10-04-57

One of the best things about this site is that it’s really easy to upload photos, so as I have new photos, they’ll be available much quicker than in the past.

I’d love your comments and support…  Please let me know what you think, and share, share, share!

Thanks so much for reading!  Have a wonderful day!

Love Locks

Of course I had heard of people placing locks on bridges, declaring their love for another.  But I had never actually seen any.  So it was a sweet surprise to discover this jumble of  love locks gathered on the bridge over a canal in Amsterdam.




We visited the floating flower market while we were in Amsterdam, Bloemenmarkt.

All of it was gorgeous.

But there was this one shop that seemed to have more exotic flowers, so we wandered in.  There were flowers everywhere – even hanging from the rafters.

It was incredibly beautiful.