Cookies warm from the oven, perfectly chewy and melt-in-you-mouth yummy.

Even better is that they were made by my twelve-year-old son.

I told the kids they had to wait until after supper, but I snuck one – okay, two – myself.


Snow in New Brunswick

It’s been some time since I’ve posted.  I seem to have gotten out of the habit of updating my blog sometime around the craziness before Christmas.

Since I took a few pictures while I was in NB over the holidays, I thought I’d go back a bit and share some of them with you.  These were taken in my parents’ backyard; it snowed nearly every day I was there.


A (Chilly) Walk in the Woods

black squirrel

It turned out to be a chilly walk in the woods, but one we enjoyed nonetheless.

With my children, parents, sister, and nephews, we braved the crisp fall air (and snow!) for a walk at Lemoine Point in Kingston, ON.

When my camera wasn’t tucked inside my jacket to protect it from the unexpected snowflakes, I managed a few shots – including this one of a fluffy black squirrel pausing for a snack.


Lunar Eclipse


On a quilt on the front lawn, my children and I waited for the lunar eclipse of the September super moon.


After a spell of cloudiness, we were awarded by the clearing of the sky and the beginning of the eclipse.


In a spectacular showing, the shadow moved across the moon while we watched.


The moon slowing turned a glowing firey red, making the wait very worthwhile.

Puzzles and Games

puzzle playDawn Blanchard Photography

A summer night at the cottage, piecing puzzles and playing Scattegories meant many laughs and memories made.

It is a relief to put away the smart phones and the tablets, to talk without texting, to be together without distractions.  It is a relief to know that our children still enjoy the simple things.

These nights are the ones we will remember.

Pictures for the Man Cave


With Father’s Day around the corner, I had the idea to do some photos for the man cave.  So I took my camera out to the garage to see what I could find.

Really, I could have spent hours out there, photographing the items I found.  Over the winter, on days when I was looking for subjects, I had forgotten how many interesting photo opportunities could be found in our garage.

I stayed out there for awhile, capturing the rows of wrenches and screwdrivers and other tools.  This photo is one of them, edited to sepia because it seemed to suit the style.

And the next rainy day, I just might head to the garage.

Nostalgic Treat

I had a craving for some pop and chips, so I stopped at the convenience store on the way home.  With Zesty Cheese Doritos in hand, I went to grab a bottle of cream soda, and couldn’t believe it when I spotted Pop Shoppe pop on the bottom shelf.

My parents used to buy crates of pop from the Pop Shoppe when I was a kid.  I still remember the fun of picking a flavour for a treat on the weekend.

I enjoyed every sip of this sugary drink.