Mindfulness Challenge Week 5: Self

I could have simply posted a picture of myself for this week, but I wanted something that would represent a part of me.

My morning routine (love mornings) is to wake ahead of everyone else and sit in the quiet (love the quiet) early hours with my coffee (love coffee!) in my favourite seashell mug (beach).

I sit in the same retro-style chair (decorating), wearing my cozy pink (favourite colour) house coat, curled up in a  fuzzy blanket that I made myself (occasionally crafty).

Next to me is my rustic  (love this style) bookshelf stacked with books  (voracious reader), vintage cameras  (photographer) and other mementos.  Beyond theshelf, the sunlight  (love the sun!) begins to stream in through the curtains. 

This is my self.


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