Pictures for the Man Cave


With Father’s Day around the corner, I had the idea to do some photos for the man cave.  So I took my camera out to the garage to see what I could find.

Really, I could have spent hours out there, photographing the items I found.  Over the winter, on days when I was looking for subjects, I had forgotten how many interesting photo opportunities could be found in our garage.

I stayed out there for awhile, capturing the rows of wrenches and screwdrivers and other tools.  This photo is one of them, edited to sepia because it seemed to suit the style.

And the next rainy day, I just might head to the garage.


2 thoughts on “Pictures for the Man Cave

  1. What a great idea! That’s giving me ideas for taking detail pictures around the house and placing them on the walls of the respective rooms I found the items in.

  2. Yes – even better when the objects have meaning to you… I’ve photographed my grandfather’s tools, the quilt my grandmother made me, and childhood toys. Not only does it preserve memories, but it also serves as a connection and a conversation piece.

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