Winged Inspiration

I’d been meaning to try some bird photography for quite some time.  Yesterday, I finally dug out my zoom lens, set up my tripod, and filled the feeder.

I was hooked!

Nearly four hours later, I only stopped because the light was fading and it was time to settle in for the evening.  I was able to capture a number of shots; here is one (more can be found on my site):


2 thoughts on “Winged Inspiration

  1. If there’s one thing you need for bird photography it’s… patience. Four hours – wow, you’ve got it! Our lovely chirpy little British Robins love to perch, so I set a garden fork in our back lawn in a strategic position, to catch a photograph of them sitting on the handle. Still waiting to capture a really good one though.

  2. What a good idea. I find the challenge is to get a picture in their natural settings. While they’re cute at the feeder, I am never satisfied with those shots.

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