Weekly Photography Challenge: Containers



The timing of this challenge is perfect: We recently picked up these two containers at a yard sale. I had no idea what I would use them for, but I loved one for its scratched and paint-splattered surface, the other for its rusted edges and polka-dot like holes. To their previous owners, their usefulness had passed; to me, they were artful pieces to add to my home.

(I’ve since turned the large pot upside down to use as a table for my laundry basket while I hang out clothes. The other holds the dogs’ balls for outdoor play.)



5 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Containers

  1. I really like the second photo. What a great macro shot. The rust and the dots are wonderful details and they really pop.

  2. My favorite is the second – thinking it is an old basket to steam vegetables or deep-fry potatoes. Love the symmetry of the holes contrasted by the rust of the handle. Nice contributions to the theme!

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