(Rotten) Apples


You would not think there would be beauty in a rotten apple.

I can see this enormous apple tree from my kitchen window, down the back slope in our yard. In spring, it is resplendent with blossoms; in summer its branches hang low and create a “camp” where my children play; in fall the leaves turn and the apples drop. Only this year, rather than drop, the apples are hanging on into winter.

They are bright ornaments on a bare tree, wearing little white caps when it snows.


2 thoughts on “(Rotten) Apples

  1. Beautiful photo! I lived almost 7 years in rural Colorado, organic orchard country… this reminds me of a photo or two I took on a winter day with shriveled apples glinting in the sun and snowy mountains for a backdrop. I love the “little white caps” yours have!

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