Weekly Photography Challenge: Layers


This time of year, the word “layers” makes me think of all the layers of clothing we need for Canadian winters.

Here I am, layered in my fur boots and snow pants, on a walk with my kids and my dogs. The snow is coating my winter wear, adding a layer of white over the black.

These layers keep me warm, but can also be a nuisance – slipping into flip-flops in the summer is so much easier!



18 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Layers

  1. what a great click! thanks for sharing.
    just a friendly heads-up that the link posted on the daily post appears to be not working. a couple of people have already commented accordingly. i tried to add another comment, including your link, but it didn’t seem to work. perhaps you could add another remark to your original one? it would be a shame if this image is overlooked. thanks 🙂

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