The Creepy and the Cute


It makes me feel like a bad parent, but I dreaded going trick-or-treating.

Don’t get me wrong: Halloween is lots of fun. I enjoy the decorating, getting the kids in their costumes, and the candy (see yesterday’s entry!).

But going out in the cold, waiting at the end of each driveway, and trying to convince the kids that it’s time to be done when it’s time to be done are not my idea of a good time.

Despite the need for the extra layers and the inevitable whining, it was fun watching the kids delight in the ritual.

And one thing in particular stood out for me: While once my children were in the cute, furry costumes, now they are vampires and zombies. But although they no longer want to be cute for Halloween, I especially enjoyed their appreciation of the little ones’ cuteness.


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