Minute Moments

into the trees

If I’ve learned one thing in my 38 years on this incredible planet, it’s that I need to appreciate life’s little details.  It’s what grounds me and what calms me.  It’s what calls to me when I write.  It’s also the basis of my photography (I run and Etsy shop called Sand and Petals). 

Whether it’s the light through the window, the glitter in the sand, or the giggles from my children, taking a minute to wonder at little miracles is what it’s all about.

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating these minute moments.


2 thoughts on “Minute Moments

  1. Loved it. I agree – the essence of life is in soaking up the details. But sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming, getting caught up in the mix. Switching off every once in a while is also nice sometimes 🙂

  2. Thanks very much! I do agree it can be overwhelming at times. I am hoping this blog will help me stay focused as well as serve as a reminder to appreciate those small moments.

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